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Wine Industry

The Company

If you are considering targeting, storming or even conquering the German market with your Wines & Spirits, then I’m here to assist you!  

Textur (German for sensory perception) is based in Germany and offers wineries and distilleries worldwide, a tailor-made service in all areas of marketing, texting, and public relations, specialising in particular, in the German export market.


With expertise and precision we will work together on your companys‘ image.


One which will not only mirror your business but also your products and your philosophy.


Want to give it a go?







About myself

„Find yourself a job which you enjoy and you‘ll never have to work again.“

Titus Dittmann, Münster

…so that’s exactly what I’ve done!


Hi!  I’m Stefanie Klever 

I am a native German. A passionate individual, not only in word-juggling but also as a wine connoisseur, being the proud holder of a diploma to prove it. 


Having worked as an expert in overseas wine now for several years, I have gained tremendous experience in the wine industry. My decision to go ‚freelance‘ was a heartfelt wish, my chosen path to enjoying a fulfilled professional life. 


A born free-thinker, creative and inquisitive, my DNA defining my work ethos. One which conveys complex content, yet authentically and with style. As a gourmet and Slow-Food activist, I value the sustainable use of resources and am permanently confronted with that instinctively philanthropic conscience of mine.

Both professionally and in my private life I have always loved communication with people, the warmth and heartiness that goes with it. My values are deep-rooted and I have a penchant for being quizzical. My perpetual openmindedness determines the balance in my way of thinking. I like singing, surfing, travelling.


And…….. I could die for a good glass of wine!



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Über Mich


  • Image texts for yourself and your winery in the German, English or Dutch language

  • Professional expertise
    in German 

  • German wine 
    descriptions/tasting notes ideal for online shops or catalogues

  • Press releases for the German speaking sector

  • Specialist journalism for both the German & the English speaking sectors



  • Textcontent and the Design of leaflets or brochures in German, Dutch or English 

  • Mailings for the German-speaking sector.

  • Social Media in the German language

PR & Consulting

  • Analysis of your personal wine export to Germany

  • Consultation  & advice for successful placement on the German market


My work ethics




A good craftsman is a master of his trade. Having completed his scholarship he may confidently work his vineyard for example. My profession too, is based on a sound foundation, on solid grounds. The keystone to all my work is precise and accurate knowledge. A good balance between practical experience, university studies and acquired knowledge, permits me to work confidently and freely. Possessing an overall and global view of the industry, I am able to promptly assess existing factors and react to regional circumstance such as Terroir, or the microclimate. Simultaneously, the diverse cultivation and harvesting methods, together with your own personal philosophy, makes each client an individual. I distance myself from any form of stereotyping, offering instead, individual, target-related and appropriate impulse.



Open communication is an important part of my work. We will need to examine your overall situation in order to improve your position on the market. Yes, courage is necessary when Change is on the agenda but you are not alone. Any arising hurdles we will take together and collectively explore realistic solutions. Absolute discretion and confidentiality being foremost, crucial to a trustworthy alliance.



If you were to ask me why I have chosen to work in the wine industry, then I’d be perfectly honest with you:  I’m passionate about it! To me, wine is pure passion! It's pleasure, culture and family history, all-in-one. Wine is artistry in a complex world. And as a gourmet myself, I appreciate and am inspired by good craftsmanship and like to dive into those many facets the wine world has to offer.


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